Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ardent Love

Ardent love:

Is to put Me [Christ] always in the first place;
Is to seek to please Me at every moment;
Is to live before Me as friend, confidant, spouse and to be happy;

Is to be troubled if you think you are ar from Me;
Is to be full of happiness when I am with you;
Is to be willing to undergo great sacrifices so as not to lose Me;

Is to prefer to live poor and unknown with Me, rather than rich and famous without Me;
Is to speak to Me as your dearest friend in every possible moment;
Is to entrust yourself to Me in regard to your future;
Is to desire to lose yourself in Me as end of your existence.
~ Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap.; preacher to the papal household
Dear Reader, As we make our way through our inner desert toward the Easter Mystery may we be filled with ardent love for Christ. ~Friar Rex

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