Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Nourishing Our Own Inner Monasteries"

Let silence be placed around us
like a mantle.
Let us enter into it,
as through a small secret door;
to emerge into,
an acre of peace,
where stillness reigns
and God is ever present.


Then comes the voice of God
in the startled cry
of a refugee child,
in unfamiliar surroundings
Then comes the voice of God,
in the mother,
fleeing with
her treasure
in her arms, and saying,
"I am here."

Then comes the voice of God,
in the father
who points to the stars
and says:
"There is our signpost.
There is our lantern.
Be of good courage."


O Lord, may the mantle of silence
become a cloak of understanding
to warm our hearts in prayer.

                     ~by Kate McIIhagga

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